Broken Selves

What do you do when everything has been taken? When every dream, hope and desire has been stolen in a gust of wind like it never matter in the first place?  It leaves them grey and emptiness in it’s place.

The sailor locked the door

The mayor fed the fires rushing the town below

The maid quit and cried

Her lover ran to a dead end and took a shot to calm down

The prince lost his sight

Unfortunately the mind stayed intact

The crush sat on the temple stairs, paused in prayer

The criminal filled the emptiness with whispers of heresy

The puppets lost their strings

and the council was released

The twins lost their witch

The hero lost his twin

Stars crashed into the ocean in front of the tree

The moon never came back

The mountains blocked the sun and the page was torn

The book cracked it’s spin and the author was imaginary.

The edge was already Broken

The children ran, will run, and always will run on the edge of their Broken Tubes.

You will trust but they will know the consequences.






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