Parkour Vids (2)

I want to do this but there is literally nothing fun to scale. Plus it's really cold right now, but I need to do it in the summer. That and roller skate.


Trying for You (Pt 2)

 *Part two. HoO! I did something consistent!*  Fred went through the newborns he knew. Gilligan, he might not completely go for it. Standing up to Kal’s plans weren’t one of his forte and the last time Fred had a hard time getting Gilligan to even consider it. He ran with the few during the huge … Continue reading Trying for You (Pt 2)

Another School Essay-Young Gospel

*I am very proud of this one* Being drunk. Being drunken. However , one wishes to say it, it usually isn’t welcomed by the average person due to its negative notation . To say that being drunk in today’s term would mean to be reckless and irresponsible. In the poem “Get Drunk” by Charles Baudelaire, the terminology … Continue reading Another School Essay-Young Gospel

Silly Little Things

Most people will try to do things for a reason. To be something, to know something, and they are good things to look foreword to. But what I find nice to focus on are the silly little things. How many times have you gone to do something and left it because it just became too … Continue reading Silly Little Things

Trying, for You(Pt1)

*Twilight Series Fanfict/ though not very twilight here but still. Shiny vampire alert. rough draft. Part 1* “Kal, you’re being obnoxious,” Fred warned leaning against a wall. “Obnoxious is just a term for someone who has a winning hand of cards.” Kal laughed as he passed him, paying no mind to the warning. Fred followed … Continue reading Trying, for You(Pt1)

An Essay I did for School-The Faults

* I really liked what I wrote. So I decided to share it* The Faults “When men have both done and suffered injustice and have had experience of both, not being able to avoid the one and obtain the other, they think that they had better agree among themselves to have neither.” (The Republic, Plato) … Continue reading An Essay I did for School-The Faults