The Special Person

Who is that? We all have that special person who, when their around makes our day so much brighter. I have a sister who without, I wouldn’t be here. She was my sidekick, partner and friend when I felt like everyone else had failed me. When life got dark for my family, she was the one I held close even though she was the one crying.

I’m emotional, in the sense that I don’t show much to the physical eye. I’ve been like that for a while and fortunately no one has taken a notice to it. One time a long time friend started to get suspicious of how I was doing and started to follow me about. I easily caught them doing so and got them off my trail. But my sister was always the person I couldn’t shake off. I’m glad for that because without her I might have stayed still for a while more. Why move? My sister once said, “Eventually you’ll get hungry.”

Now that’s an inside joke about me and my appetite but it can also mean more. Similar, it could mean that eventually one will get bored and be motivated to do something else. I guess that’s good for my appetite.


The reason I bring this up is. . . I need an answer. I don’t think anyone will see this.  I just wanted to bring it to some sort of light. What happens when that special person disappears? I’m going to work and I have this woman who had just lost her daughter. Not even two days ago, right after Thanksgiving. A day right after Thanksgiving. This woman isn’t that old so I would have to guess her daughter would be between 20 to 30 years old, no older. I want to be there for her but every time I get five feet near her, she gets quiet and something inside tells me to leave. She gets so quiet when I walk past and for some reason, I dreadfully keep thinking that I might be reminding her of it all. She use to compare me to her daughter and now what am I suppose to do? I can’t do anything, but she is so nice. It’s hard to see her hurt, but I believe that hurt only comes with something real. I just, really want her to be okay because I would want to be okay if I lost my special person. It would be extremely hard to be okay, almost impossible, but maybe by putting it out into the universe she might get something. Anything. I still can’t believe it.


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