Hey Crazy

Are you okay?


Wanna talk about it?

Sure, but I don’t need your permission to talk to myself. Thank you


It’s funny when people leave you alone for some time and then jump back in. It’s like jump rope, only that they’re two years too late and I dropped the rope a long time ago. These days everyone likes to say hi, and I disappoint by not waving back. Well, sorry but I’m in a mood where people aren’t the ones I hold close right now. In fact they can take a step back, else I will. They weren’t the ones to stand alone any so why would I think that they would give me space. Space is suffocating, time was endless and so was our presence. So much that when we split, it left me in tears. I made sure you never noticed, I’m good like that and since they never listened to me, they weren’t ever hear the noise . I’m not sure who I’m talking about, or to whom I was talking about. I guess that’s what will happen when your heart takes control where your brain should.

:/ Fun.





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