An Essay I did for School-The Faults

* I really liked what I wrote. So I decided to share it*

The Faults

“When men have both done and suffered injustice and have had experience of both, not being able to avoid the one and obtain the other, they think that they had better agree among themselves to have neither.” (The Republic, Plato) It is human nature to want to do something but to also want to disregard any consequences that come with it. It’s only natural. Yet Glaucon says that “justice, being at a middle point between the two, is tolerated not as a good, but as the lesser evil, and honored by reason of the inability of men to do injustice.  For no man who is worthy to be called a man would ever submit to such an agreement if he were able to resist; he would be mad if he did.” In today’s world people hold themselves to a much higher standard despite Glaucon’s pessimistic views. There are people that have power that don’t abuse it, and use it righteously. That group of people are the base to the societal ideals enforced by rules and regulation despite the pessimistic angle most are grown to know about.


An example of this is Dr. Martian Luther King Jr. He was the biggest activist during the Civil Rights movement and thusly had an enormous amount of power and persuasion. The crowds that amassed to hear him ranged in the thousands. Being black, Kind had his share of harassment and abuse from the racism. He would never lift a hand to them. He would never stoop down to their level. Instead he preached peace and desegregation, for everyone to be kind and respectful to each other. Never did he incite violence, which he could have and would have gotten it from his followers. He didn’t. Unlike Glaucon’s view of justice, “being the middle point between the two”, it was a result for King. What was the middle point between the two during his time was having blacks and whites separated and living in, almost, two different worlds. Justice was an endpoint, no a compromise in this conflict which a great and powerful leader chose to get it without giving injustice to anyone else. King was more of a man that most were, by standing up for equality and respect for all.

“They say that to do injustice is, by nature, good; to suffer injustice, evil; but that the evil is greater than the good”. (Glaucon) There are many evils in the world. One of them being death. When someone dies, it ricochets to the surrounding people, which has consequences of their own. But when a person puts their mind to doing good, evil will never be greater than good. The person that comes to mind is a person named Mark Fischbach. One of the many people on the platform YouTube, he has an extraordinary situation and power in his grasp with his fifteen million followers, they donate during charity livestreams and Mark goes and helps at Make A Wish Foundation. On the site, he’s known to have the strongest and most compassionate following around. Yet in the recent years, tragedy had struck once again for him, earlier being his father losing his battle with cancer. Daniel had killed himself. Unknown and a completely surprise, it struck Mark hard. It was a strong evil, suicide. But what was strong came an even stronger good. Mark came back to YouTube two months later deciding to bring a type of video back in honor of Daniel, skits. His channel then was dominated with gameplay videos, but Daniel was always up for a skit video back in the day. Now, though through tragedy, Mark has brought it back to make people laugh and to remember the fun times he had with Daniel. Though suicide is an enormous evil, the good that person had put into the world will always be stronger.

Glaucon would like to believe that justice is a two-way street, that a man must compromise in order to get it. Yet that is hard to believe when justice can be had and has been in ways that didn’t give injustice to anyone else. There are people that have power that don’t abuse it.  Martian Luther King Jr. didn’t get his justice by giving others injustice, he wanted equality for all. Mark didn’t let Daniel’s death overtake Daniel’s remembrance, he instead looked to the good Daniel gave him to inspire him. Justice is not a two-way street, it’s more of a goal. Not a middle point between two evils.  


*Good, Bad?*


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