Trying, for You(Pt1)

*Twilight Series Fanfict/ though not very twilight here but still. Shiny vampire alert. rough draft. Part 1*

“Kal, you’re being obnoxious,” Fred warned leaning against a wall.

“Obnoxious is just a term for someone who has a winning hand of cards.” Kal laughed as he passed him, paying no mind to the warning.

Fred followed him out of the room, worried and on Kal’s heels.

“Please, just think for a second.”

“I’m constantly thinking Fred.”

“Not reasonably.” Fred said flat and slightly in a hiss.

Kal eyed at him from the side and shrugged. “Reason isn’t always the easiest thing to work with when dealing with us, the freaks.” He grinned per usual and turned a few corners.

“But it isn’t useless.” Fred pressed.

Kal opened a pair of doors into a bright corridor. The curtains were pulled and sunlight flushed through the long windows in rays. Fred hesitated but Ka didn’t. His skin reflected the light off him and crystalized on the surrounding area. He pushed himself to follow.

“Kal you can’t fib yourself out of this.”

Kal laughed. “And what says you?”

With each passing, the two of them sparkled as stars. Kal’s teeth shinned brightly and sent shivers down Fred’s back. He was persistent with himself to not let it show. Kal stopped short of the next pair of doors and turned to Fred, hands on his hips and the grin straightened on his face.

“You are the only one that I’ve confided in,” He took a step too close to Fred. Lowly Kal growled at him, “And that’s only because you’re always at places you shouldn’t be.”

“Sorry I forced you to be a reasonable lunatic.” Fred growled back.

“Forcing my hand more reasonably.” Kal gritted his teeth,

They stood there set to spring at each other. Kal’s smirk returned. It made Fred’s venom pump icy through him. He let the glare drop from his face and took a steady breath, the air icy and minty.

“What happens if she calls one of us? Bree? Diego? Me?” Fred asked softly.

Kal tilted his head up. “She’ll call anyone she wants and knows, sure. But no one will come down for her.”

Kal turned on his heels and walked towards the pair of doors. Fred felt the invisible chains freezing him to the spot as Kal passed through the doors and clicked them shut behind.

Another set of shivers ran up and down Fred’s body. The room was illuminated by his skin’s reflection. Everything else was slowly going dark around him. Fred hurried back from here he came from. His mind raced for allies he could get together to force Kal to think. Think again. Think forever. It was the only way.

*Part two is coming, and some Doctor who service from my sister. 🙂 She loves that series. *



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