Another School Essay-Young Gospel

*I am very proud of this one*

Being drunk. Being drunken. However , one wishes to say it, it usually isn’t welcomed by the average person due to its negative notation . To say that being drunk in today’s term would mean to be reckless and irresponsible. In the poem “Get Drunk” by Charles Baudelaire, the terminology takes on a different definition. It means to get lost in our own fulfillment  whether that be actual drinking or with a passionate hobby, either holds true to the idea behind the poem. The poem encourages people to get lost in their activities  whether they be drinks or hobbies and to let those passionate activities fuel people’s lives.

In Baudelaire’s eyes, the worst thing to be in this life is sober or empty. Yet in this time period, ‘getting drunk’ has a negative notion in the present day. It more relates to the lack of restraint towards alcohol as well as overdosing on pleasures. Yet the poem brings to light a different reality, one that isn’t widely known. It suggests that whatever we chose to do in life, we intoxicate ourselves in it. A person can’t run on empty  so there has ti  be something in their life that they do. Baudelaire suggests to delve deeper, not only to keep reality from crushing the person but like the saying goes, “time flies when you are having fun.” To be filled with something, as knowledge or faith, in a sense it will save one from the constant threat of dying sober, or empty.

Many of our popular companies were created by people who were ‘drunk’ in inventing new things. Apple is the biggest company in the phone industry, having a new one being produce  every year. Back to about 1980, Steve Jobs had an idea to build something. He wasn’t sure what it was, but with his two friends they started the company Apple. A common name now, back then the most recognition they had was from their product the Macintosh computer. From there, Steve and his friends grew and built from the ground up, experimenting and growing without a glance back. They were drunk from the adrenaline that came with discovering what worked, for finding what was the next thing. Steve was very drunk from discovering the next big thing. The thrill of making new programs and computers quickly fueled and filled Job’s  life. When Steve Jobs would die in late 2011, he didn’t die empty. He died with a life filled with innovation and experiences. He died drunk, and happy.

In the poem, it says that if the reader would ever become sober to go and ask several different things for the time. Everyone answered the same, “It is the hour to be drunken!” In this simple sentence, the major idea of the poem is explained; The idea of being ‘drunken’ constantly. Instead of alcohol the poem is telling the read to always be doing something. Don’t let a minute pass! College is an example of this idea. In college nothing stays the same for very long. The students attending the college certainly aren’t standing still. Students are either drunk with the constant stream of knowledge given by the school, or with five-hour energy drinks. The student’s lives are constantly consumed by things. Music, homework, math, students are always drunk but not in the present day sense of the word.


As odd as it seems to suggest people to get drunk, such as Charles Baudelaire would suggest, it isn’t too hard to follow through with it. The poem encourages people to get lost in their activities whether they be drinks or hobbies and to let those passionate activities fuel people’s lives. Most lives are filled drunken on something. In Apple’s case, it was the excitement of the next creation and breakthrough. For a college student  it is the anticipation for the next assignment. Being drunken usually isn’t welcomed by the average person  but is done by them without knowing. It’s a natural response for us. In the poem “Get Drunk” by Charles Baudelaire, the terminology takes on a different definition, one that if widely known would be welcomed by most.






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