Trying for You (Pt 2)

 *Part two. HoO! I did something consistent!* 

Fred went through the newborns he knew.

Gilligan, he might not completely go for it. Standing up to Kal’s plans weren’t one of his forte and the last time Fred had a hard time getting Gilligan to even consider it. He ran with the few during the huge fight. He would go though, on Fred’s side, if Joanna was on board. Theo, Ralph and Alex never truly trusted Kal but they were never happy with what little Fred had aid in the clan. To make matters worse they tried to kill Diego early on separate from Kal, but that was years ago, and it didn’t set them on a side.

Diego. Bree, Angie and Lilith. Enola, Byron and Cyrus.

He shook his head, they would come last. They had to. It was hard to divide them.

Dana would be on his side. HE then would get Ken, Killian and Adam, who was with Jade. Hopefully them she would talk to Zerdali, Cari, Lara and Samantha. Samantha hated him though. His mind raced with faces and names along with their history together. Fred diverted from his scent and went up a spiral staircase. On that floor his mind kept breaking down the survivors.

 Andrew believes in Kal but solely on the basis that he’s in on all the information. All Fred would have to do is plant a sliver of suspicion in the boy against Kal. Hopefully then Fred would get not only Andrew but his twin Keith.

Diego. Bree, Angie and Lilith. Enola, Byron and Cyrus. They wouldn’t be easily divided. Fred wasn’t sure whether he wanted to divide them, but his mind took to it to do so. Fred sat in a corridor and gripped his hair. Angie might step out of it all and not decide. This would make Lilith, who deeply hates Angie, speak against him or for him as soon as she could find a hint on what side Angie was secretly on. Enola, Byron and Cyrus will go with whatever Diego will. They have noticed as well as he did how Diego has survived despite his biological setbacks and anomalies.  Diego will get behind Bree.

His mind slowly centered on her and tried to make ration whether she could help or hurt him. The problem was if and not when. Fred believed that they were friends, she still didn’t know the truth yet of the battle and the decision dealing with her. It was a fib of Kal’s Fred silently appreciated. Bree had made it very clear out in the fields in the States. She was there to have Kal’s head on a silver platter and secure her own hybrid sister’s safety. Except for Angie himself and Diego, she hadn’t gone near anyone else. She had kept close to the Cullen and the Denali clans, never stepping out from them.

Fred chuckled.

It reminded him of when she was a fresh newborn. So scared and skittish. She hadn’t change from then since, just somehow everything else has. The environment somehow it has curved around her and flipped upside down for her to avoid everything she wants. She was smart. Or maybe just lucky.

Fred got up and walked about down halls, losing himself in thoughts. Kal was making a mistake, he was sure of it. Taking on Dot by himself in a witch of a trail, it was a set up for committing a murder on clean hands. While everyone sat in the peers, Kal’s down below twisting words when he didn’t need to. He was the one the started the fires in the house, but what about the ones he ignited inside everyone. The ones that got people to think and act like beings that they once were. Dot’s words were the ones that started fights. Kal’s determined to take her down alone, despite it taking almost all the coven to do so last time. And now what does he do with those survivors?  The smart ones and thoughtful ones? He puts them on the sidelines. His answer is to keep them safe. Who safe? What is safety in term of this coven? What’s the reason for it?

Dot. She was always a reason, and a damn good one. They all needed to worry, not just Kal.

* So if anyone’s getting lost, just comment below. It will help me get better. *


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