The Character of Kind George (Or the mad King)

Well, I found another favorite song from Hamilton. This time it gives character to King George, whose song is split into three parts in the play. It goes before the revolution, after the revolution and then after President's Washington term.  I love it and the end is so fun to listen. Such a good song to … Continue reading The Character of Kind George (Or the mad King)


Writing Blogs

Random TerraBytes

If you’ve never written a blog before, you might wonder how the process works. It’s a bit different depending on the length.

Blogs less than 400 words (about four or five paragraphs) are essentially thought missiles launched from a keyboard into cyberspace. They usually convey a single idea or experience from the blogger’s consciousness rather than any research. These blogs are usually written fairly quickly, even in one sitting. Some bloggers consider the length to be optimal for readability while others think they’re just long tweets. You may not gain any insight from reading them but at least you don’t waste much time.

Then there are blogs between 400 and 1,000 or so words. These are mixed bags – maybe a simple idea embellished with unedited wordiness or a more sophisticated idea dropped and left for someone else to salvage. There are probably millions of blog entries in this category…

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Trying For You (Pt 3 Final)

*The finale!  Not sure if it was that climatic but still, I have another story that needs some spotlighting. And also Hamolton.* He let out a sigh. Dot would kill them if close enough to one. She had tried it before. It would be foolish to paint Kal as her compliance. He tried his own … Continue reading Trying For You (Pt 3 Final)

The Animation that got me into Hamilton

The second one is the actually first for me, but 'Helpless' goes first . It's quite sad but I've been a sucker for sad things. T_T This video is my first, but just wait till the end. It just so bitter sweet.