Trying For You (Pt 3 Final)

*The finale!  Not sure if it was that climatic but still, I have another story that needs some spotlighting. And also Hamolton.*

He let out a sigh. Dot would kill them if close enough to one. She had tried it before. It would be foolish to paint Kal as her compliance. He tried his own best to keep alive the ones he could with Dot in charge. It wasn’t his idea to bury some newborns in the ground prior to the final fight. It was Kal. He had studied how to trick vampires in an extreme state of mind and miraculous disguise their scents with a weak nature scent as a distraction.  Fred didn’t believe in it, but Kal did. It worked well. Dot couldn’t find any of the buried newborns, she was blinded by panic and anger. She couldn’t fight to survive against the others and had to flee with Kal on her heels. In the end Kal was right.

He somehow got back to the main living room, sitting in the corner by the chess table. Flipping an internal switch, all the eyes that were watching him darted away. He curled himself into a ball and concentrated on the clock ticking away. It wouldn’t stop nagging at him. Kal would need help sooner or later. Only Fred knew the truth. Would it be enough for anyone else to stand with Kal? Or would the lie make them stand against him? There was nothing in his calculating mind that would support that later thought. He held little value in the words he spoke and even less in the feelings swirling inside of him a thousand miles a second. It made him sick, making the nausea he created in other’s minds worsen and push more in the room.

He pulled it back when he heard an audience of hisses. The empathy, worry and guilt, it made a tight knot in his stomach.


His eyes darted up to the person somehow standing in front of him. Her shoulder length light hair angled her face by matched her peach colored sunday dress perfectly. The smile was airy and soft on her calm face.

He fixed himself and scooted closer to where the two walls met. The girl bounced once before taking the place beside him, smiling brilliantly and rubbing her fingers on the silk skirt.

“Having a nice day Angie?” He asked almost silent, giving her a small smile.

She nodded. “I am. I was trying to find Kal earlier. He’s always keeping himself busy in this place.”

“Miss him?” He raised a brow.

“I do.” She said chuckled embarrassed

He missed seeing Kal as well. As annoying as he could get, Kal was somehow anyone could talk to any time. “I don’t,” He said gritting his teeth. “He starts so much shit.”

“So do you.” Angie countered lightly. “But you guys also work together well.”

Fred shrugged and turned to the corner. Not this time he won’t. Not this time.


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