Guardian- My first adventure

When writing my first story, I came to love anti-heroes. I would try every trick in the book from a guy like Montague in Fahrenheit 451, to Deadpool. Not being the Superman of the story allowed me to make the characters I scribbled about more human to me. I could relate. Invested was what kept … Continue reading Guardian- My first adventure


Peace and war start within one’s own home

Tell Me About It


The part that got me about this one was the last part, “Peace and war start within one’s own home.” Instead of trying to save the world I thought maybe I ought to make peace at home. I would be lying if I said this was easy, it’s not. I think sometimes it’s hardest to show the kindness and love to those around us. So I shut up and took peace back to my home and inside my heart and it was and is my prayer that is shines out from me and covers those around me like honey! ~ღ~

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Making the Case for Selecting Rapper Tupac Skakur to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Camden County College Campus Press

By Christian A. Browne – Campus Press Staff Music Columnist

Being in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame    Is an honor that many artists dream of but very few ever achieve in their career.  Being in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is one of the hardest things to be a part of. You can be nominated after 25 years of your first EP, album, or song. To get in you must have impacted the world musically and have a body of work that few can disagree of being worthy. With that said, getting in on your first try is even harder.  Only about 53 artists including inductees this year have even been nominated on their first try. No one from this class deserves this honor more than Tupac Shakur.

TuPAC2.jpg Tupac Brought Rap Music to Mainstream Audience     Tupac Shakur helped to define Rap music…

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You Needed to See

In shades of erasable blue was the drawing Tyler and I had drawn Sunday night. Big and Bold with a bit added between our drawings. Tyler had obviously drawn the ‘’ logo while the bolded ‘Dare’ was in another person’s hand. My hand. Everyone one else stared at it aghast and amazed with smiles. I … Continue reading You Needed to See


We say that we are strong. Nothing can break us and that we would stand up for those who can’t do the same. We fall short of those promises online and it's solely because of the anonymity of certain sites. There’s an incognito setting that once it’s turned on, people sometimes put up barriers between … Continue reading Cyberbullying


Welcome to the minecraft community. From the song parodies on Youtube to the stories and series made from the plotless game, Minecraft is a game that has inspired people to work hard and imagine the impossible in their lives and abilities as well as to create a community open to everyone and anyone of all … Continue reading Minecraft