We say that we are strong. Nothing can break us and that we would stand up for those who can’t do the same. We fall short of those promises online and it’s solely because of the anonymity of certain sites. There’s an incognito setting that once it’s turned on, people sometimes put up barriers between themselves and their actions. The point those people don’t get is that their actions are still theirs just because the person on the other side can’t see who does it. It’s not a “get out of jail’ card, or an invitation to stop being respectful person.

We are taught in school that cyber bullying begins with a bully, but what does that mean exactly? What does a bully look like? How do they act outside in public? The thing is that cyberbullying can be started by anyone. It’s a battlefield with no clear win at the end because sometimes stopping it doesn’t help either person. The words were still said and are now invisible scars on the victim; Always itching at them when there was nothing to be talked about. Cyber bullying happens when someone is given the illusion that they are invincible online and that it doesn’t matter what they do. Correction, it will always come back to them. Maybe they won’t be caught, but those words they typed will be ingrained in their brains. They’re human too. They know deep down that it wasn’t right.

When seeing Cyberbullying on a site, it’s important to delete because no matter who it is they shouldn’t be subjected to that kind of faceless harassment. It really doesn’t matter who it is, a strong enough person to delete it themselves or someone who can’t. Being online is a community, and we have a responsibility to report those who wants to bully and delete those comments. We have a responsibility to stand up for those people, because no one knows who is behind the screen. It shouldn’t matter who is. They are human too.


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