Welcome to the minecraft community. From the song parodies on Youtube to the stories and series made from the plotless game, Minecraft is a game that has inspired people to work hard and imagine the impossible in their lives and abilities as well as to create a community open to everyone and anyone of all ages. It has created a new way of gaming, apart from the destroying and instant reward system popular in the gamming industry. Minecraft was released on October 7, 2011, and now in the year 2016, it is still going strong, with millions of fans active and playing to this day.

I love minecraft and had gotten my younger sister into the game. Together we had fleshed out the game to it’s fullest potential. My sister delved into the multiplayer side of it and saw it’s potential and thrill in it, from playing mini-game servers to playing co-op survival servers. I kept to the single player mode and built high castles and magnificent islands. But during those weekends when we wanted to do something together after our homework, minecraft was a place we could chill together while taking turns playing games. It is more than a game to us. It was an arcade, it was a clubhouse, a fantasy world, and a place away from the real world.

It’s not just me and my sister who are connected with the game. Taking a quick glance at Youtube. There are thousands of entries when the term “Minecraft” is searched. What comes up is an impressive amount of parodies, original songs and gags out of minecraft. Some memorable songs from the minecraft community are “Find the Pieces”, “Take Back the Night”, and the old time song that many say was the start of the minecraft songs, “TNT”. Yet TNT is a song that was parodying a popular song called Dynamite by Taio Cruz. There are many other popular parodies including “Fallen Kingdom”, “Revenge”, “Form this Way”, “Supernatural Mob” and My recent favorite, “ Santa Claus is Running This Town”. All of these songs, and many more, are parodies of popular and known songs with videos that took months to make.

Minecraft allowed these people to create things from its formula that without a strong and inspired community, would have never happened. The game, which plops you down somewhere and leaves the player to discover what to do on their own, has gotten people’s creative juices flowing in order to create stories from the block game. Series like “Mianite” is played on a private multiplayer server with gods to assist the people who chose that a certain side. This had several popular players including Syndicate, CaptainSparklez, and several more. Then there is a roleplaying series called in its first series “Yandere High School” run by a player Samgladiator. In the second season the series is called “Tokyo Soul”. The series mentioned here are only a small sample of what people had taken from the game minecraft and had created with it. This game has no limits and was design for the player to create anything.


Minecraft is a prime example of how video games create an emotional response from its players. Because of it’s malleable formula, it has gone on to inspire parodies and original songs. There are even creations not mentioned in this paper like the working 16-bit computer. Minecraft is a game that has inspired people to work hard and imagine the impossibilities in their lives as well as in their abilities. It created a community open to everyone and anyone of all ages.


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