The Marble Welcome

The was never a choice. The gates were closed and invisible in the light of day. She was so tired of waiting. It was all she ever did anymore. Wait till the driveway cracks and the trees shimmer in the morning light. The roof had striped of sunlight raining down on it. There was a loud thud as a tree limb finally fell to the ground. The leaves it landed on cracked and the can on the marble table jungled. The weeds and tall grass growing around it whipped in the light breeze. She brushed her hand on the top, it being made of chips of mirror shards and marble. The dogs howled in the next gust of wind, it was about breakfast time for them. The only thing was that there was no one left to eat. They didn’t care, they were hungry and their howls and barks mimicked their feelings. She started walking towards the building, her long translucent gown getting caught on the brittle grass

The house had been plucked clean a long time ago, despite its size and the large community that once lived there. How odd it seemed, a house that could fit a hundred couldn’t work for a ‘few’ special beings. She was hungry though, not for food. She yearned for something much simpler, people; A person. Anyone to have the misfortune to come the retreat and not have the moment of relaxation to leave immediately. Just one more person.

It swelled in her mind like a growing tumor, taking over every thought passing inside. She walked through the building, absently minding the peeled wallpaper, the stench and the overall coldness. On the second floor of the attached church, a window was opened. She went over and shut, peering out the window as she did.

There was something humming in the driveway in front of the welcome sign. It was bright white, long and had a star on its body. She only saw one man get out, but she heard two doors shut. She vanished and reappeared against the front windows. Overgrown bushed blocked part of her view but she could see two pairs of feet under the truck. She phased out the window and passed the growth, this time it didn’t interact with her. The two weren’t aware of their oncoming host and continued to chill against the side of the van. They huffed dark puffs into the air.

She stopped short of them, staring at the black burned smelling mist. The van moaned as she came closer. The dogs barked louder. This time the two men paused and looked around. They found nothing but were still on alert. The lady watched as they left, something that she would never be able to do.

“Work still needs to be done.” She reminded herself in the wind.

A moment later, the retreat house was quiet and everything on and in it’s grounds were invisible once more.



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