First drafts

Mom’s the word okay everyone?

Okay, so what is the word for the moms of the numerous novels in the bookstore? I hadn’t really thought of it until I listened to the song “anybody got a map?” from the musical Dear Evan Hanson. It’s a nice musical. I’ll review it later but more importantly it opens with the mom’s of the two main boys singing about how their worlds are falling apart. While the play is about how Evan and Conner’s life is swirling out of control, there is also an undertone for the parents too. When’s the last time the parent’s had a subplot that wasn’t about cheating, divorce and some kind of addiction.

This time it was about saving the family the mom’s aren’t apart of nor have in the play.

Let that sink in. And let the fact that in the song “Requiem“, Conner’s family sings about singing no requiem because of the abuse they’ve done to each other. (The song is heavily dominated by the sister, Zoe, but the parents have a bitter sweet part to it.) The mother is almost at peace after her son overdoses, seeing how it brings her family together even if it is through the misery they can’t get out of. I don’t know but I haven’t heard this storyline before. Being pleased after someone’s dead. To see a mom love her son so much, whether that be Evan or Conner, (Mostly Conner’s) that she is more resolved after that son is destroyed than before. When’s the last time some one wrote something like that? They even give Evan’s mom a song of betrayal after finding out that Evan has been pretending that the Murphy’s were his family instead of her. It’s called “Good Enough” and it is heart breaking.

When’s the last someone wrote a 3D secondary character like that? They don’t steal the show but they give you another story to see after the 30th time of seeing the show.


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