Trying For You (Pt 3 Final)

*The finale!  Not sure if it was that climatic but still, I have another story that needs some spotlighting. And also Hamolton.* He let out a sigh. Dot would kill them if close enough to one. She had tried it before. It would be foolish to paint Kal as her compliance. He tried his own … Continue reading Trying For You (Pt 3 Final)


Trying for You (Pt 2)

 *Part two. HoO! I did something consistent!*  Fred went through the newborns he knew. Gilligan, he might not completely go for it. Standing up to Kal’s plans weren’t one of his forte and the last time Fred had a hard time getting Gilligan to even consider it. He ran with the few during the huge … Continue reading Trying for You (Pt 2)

Trying, for You(Pt1)

*Twilight Series Fanfict/ though not very twilight here but still. Shiny vampire alert. rough draft. Part 1* “Kal, you’re being obnoxious,” Fred warned leaning against a wall. “Obnoxious is just a term for someone who has a winning hand of cards.” Kal laughed as he passed him, paying no mind to the warning. Fred followed … Continue reading Trying, for You(Pt1)