The Moms in writing

Mom's the word okay everyone? Okay, so what is the word for the moms of the numerous novels in the bookstore? I hadn't really thought of it until I listened to the song "anybody got a map?" from the musical Dear Evan Hanson. It's a nice musical. I'll review it later but more importantly it opens … Continue reading The Moms in writing


Trying For You (Pt 3 Final)

*The finale!  Not sure if it was that climatic but still, I have another story that needs some spotlighting. And also Hamolton.* He let out a sigh. Dot would kill them if close enough to one. She had tried it before. It would be foolish to paint Kal as her compliance. He tried his own … Continue reading Trying For You (Pt 3 Final)

The Animation that got me into Hamilton

The second one is the actually first for me, but 'Helpless' goes first . It's quite sad but I've been a sucker for sad things. T_T This video is my first, but just wait till the end. It just so bitter sweet.  

The Special Person

Who is that? We all have that special person who, when their around makes our day so much brighter. I have a sister who without, I wouldn't be here. She was my sidekick, partner and friend when I felt like everyone else had failed me. When life got dark for my family, she was the one … Continue reading The Special Person