We say that we are strong. Nothing can break us and that we would stand up for those who can’t do the same. We fall short of those promises online and it's solely because of the anonymity of certain sites. There’s an incognito setting that once it’s turned on, people sometimes put up barriers between … Continue reading Cyberbullying


Another School Essay-Young Gospel

*I am very proud of this one* Being drunk. Being drunken. However , one wishes to say it, it usually isn’t welcomed by the average person due to its negative notation . To say that being drunk in today’s term would mean to be reckless and irresponsible. In the poem “Get Drunk” by Charles Baudelaire, the terminology … Continue reading Another School Essay-Young Gospel

Broken Selves

What do you do when everything has been taken? When every dream, hope and desire has been stolen in a gust of wind like it never matter in the first place?  It leaves them grey and emptiness in it's place. The sailor locked the door The mayor fed the fires rushing the town below The … Continue reading Broken Selves